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trying to sell my bed on craigslist before i move next week has become so stressful.

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bless friends who tell you, “text me when you get home safe”

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The next gen kids + social media part 1

My fondest dream is that it will be the date movie that breaks up couples nationwide. Maybe people will walk out of there and think, ‘Maybe not. I don’t know if I know you well enough.’
- Gillian Flynn on Gone Girl (2014), dir. David Fincher (via paulthomasandersonn)

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Season 2 cast promotional photos

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alan tudyk is a master of all trades especially bullshitting and writing his own bios. Translucent in appearance, Tudyk is best known for his work with Joss Whedon, as the character, Wash, a laundromat attendant besieged by flying insects with glowing butts called, Firefly. Wanna talk voice overs? Frozen, totally in it. Wreck-it Ralph - you bet bitches. How about movies y’all? Tucker and Dale versus Evil, he played Tucker. Transformers, yep! Whichever crappy one came out before this last crappy one, he’s in it yo. Plus a bunch of other shit. Dig it! (x)
Podcasts are something you listen to, and your friends don’t want to hear anything about it
- Doug Benson (x)

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