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Beirut · The Rip Tide
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goshen - beirut

what would you hide from such a glow
if i had only told you so? 

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Beirut · The Flying Club Cup
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nantes — beirut

well, it’s been a long time
a long time now
since i’ve seen you smile
and i’ll gamble away my fright
and i’ll gamble away my time

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Santa Fe
Beirut · The Rip Tide
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Beirut - Santa Fe


Nantes - Beirut

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The Peacock
Beirut · The Rip Tide

Beirut | The Peacock

Infernal heat, can’t take the sound in here
Shake the trees see what falls out of them
In a city where nobody hears
A bird calls fine, fine, winter’s here again
Calls and sings Berlin, Berlin
Among the camp we’re done with him
We’d shoot him down but then, but then
Where should I begin, begin?


Charity Children Berlin | Nantes (Beirut cover)

My favorite street performers in Berlin. They’ve been playing at Mauerpark every Sunday I’ve been there and never fail to attract a crowd of fans young and old. They’re going places, I’m sure.


Z, asked by lonelytourist -> Zach Condon