come, i will have thee; but, by this light, i take thee for pity.


favorites of 2011 : Co-Stars

→ Catherine Tate & David Tennant

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BENEDICK: Is Claudio thine enemy?BEATRICE: Is he not approved in the height a villain, that 	hath slandered, scorned, dishonoured my kinswoman? O 	that I were a man! What, bear her in hand until they 	come to take hands; and then, with public 	accusation, uncovered slander, unmitigated rancour, 	—O God, that I were a man! I would eat his heart 	in the market-place. Talk with a man out at a window! A proper saying! Sweet Hero! She is wronged, she is slandered, she is undone. Princes and counties! Surely, a princely testimony, 	a goodly count, Count Comfect; a sweet gallant, 	surely! O that I were a man for his sake! or that I 	had any friend would be a man for my sake! But 	manhood is melted into courtesies, valour into 	compliment, and men are only turned into tongue, and 	trim ones too: he is now as valiant as Hercules 	that only tells a lie and swears it. I cannot be a 	man with wishing, therefore I will die a woman with grieving.